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Fig. 1

Dorsal view of the head of a transgenic embryo, which expresses green fluorescent protein under control of sonic hedgehog gene regulatory sequences. Expression can be detected in the retina and in the nasal placodes. Anterior up, view onto dorsal.

Fig. 2

Lateral view of the spinal cord of a 56 h old zebrafish embryo. It carries 2 transgenes:
 -3.1ngn1:GFP (green) and
 -8.4ngn1:nucRFP (red).
The transgenes differ in the amount of upstream sequence that they contain.
While -8.4ngn1:nucRFP contains 8.4 kb upstream sequence, the -3.1ngn1:GFP harbours only 3.1 kb of 5' non-coding sequence. Overlapping domains of expression appear yellow.
Both transgenes are expressed in the Rohon Beard sensory neurons and in dorsal root ganglia.
Cells at the ventral neural tube, presumably interneuons, express only the -8.4ngn1:nucRFP. Anterior to the left, dorsal up.

Fig. 3


View onto the dorsal spinal cord of a 24h old transgenic zebrafish embryo, expressing GFP under the control of neurogenin1 regulatory sequences. The large cell bodies are Rohon Beard sensory neurons that project their dentrites away from the neural tube under the skin of the embryo. The axons of these cells project into the dorsal longitudinatl fascicles, the two axon bundles running (from left to right) along the dorsolateral aspect of the spinal cord. Anterior is to the right, dorsal view.

Fig. 4


Wildtype (A) and steif (B) mutant embryo. Muscle fibrils are highly disorganised in the steif mutant. steif mutants are immobile. View onto the flank of a one day old embryo.

Fig. 5

Wildtype (A) and fixe mutant (B). One day old zebrafish embryos were stained with anti-acetylated tubulin antibody to visualise the motor axons (red) and with alexa green bungarotoxin (green) to detect the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed on the surface of the somitic muscle. Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors cluster at the neuromuscular junction (yellow) in the wildtype embryo. There is no clustering of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors detectable in fixe mutants. Lateral views onto the somitic body muscle.

Fig. 6


Gene array analysis of zebrafish genes regulated by the Nodal receptor Taram

A: Scheme to illustrate how the cDNAs were spotted onto the support.
B: Examples of significantly up and down regulated genes in embryos expressing an active form of Taram.
C: Quantification and statistical analysis of gene expression data.

Fig. 7


Expression von shh:GFP transgene in retina and brain of zebrafish embryo.

Fig. 8


Transplantation of wild type cell into unc45b-/- embryos stained with F59

Fig. 9


Unc45b-GFP rescued fibrils in unc45b-/- embryos

Fig. 10


Unc45b-GFP in wt embryos fixed with pfa and stained with a-actinin

Fig. 11


Two unc45b-GFP expressing fibrils in unc45b-/- mutants

Fig. 12


Collage of two rescued fibrils in unc45b-/- mutants



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