Publications 2023

  1. Amphiphiles Formed from Synthetic DNA-Nanomotifs Mimic the Stepwise Dispersal of Transcriptional Clusters in the Cell Nucleus
    Tschurikow, X.; Gadzekpo, A.; Tran, M. P.; Chatterjee, R.; Sobucki, M.; Zaburdaev, V.; Göpfrich, K.; Hilbert, L.
    2023. Nano Letters, 23 (17), 7815–7824. doi:10.1021/acs.nanolett.3c01301
  2. Systems toxicology of complex wood combustion aerosol reveals gaseous carbonyl compounds as critical constituents
    Dilger, M.; Armant, O.; Ramme, L.; Mülhopt, S.; Sapcariu, S. C.; Schlager, C.; Dilger, E.; Reda, A.; Orasche, J.; Schnelle-Kreis, J.; Conlon, T. M.; Yildirim, A. Ö.; Hartwig, A.; Zimmermann, R.; Hiller, K.; Diabaté, S.; Paur, H.-R.; Weiss, C.
    2023. Environment International, 179, Art.-Nr.: 108169. doi:10.1016/j.envint.2023.108169
  3. sox1a:eGFP transgenic line and single-cell transcriptomics reveal the origin of zebrafish intraspinal serotonergic neurons
    Chen, F.; Köhler, M.; Cucun, G.; Takamiya, M.; Kizil, C.; Cosacak, M. I.; Rastegar, S.
    2023. iScience, 26 (8), Artkl. Nr.: 107342. doi:10.1016/j.isci.2023.107342Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  4. Robot-Assisted Full Automation Interface: Touch-Response On Zebrafish Larvae. PhD dissertation
    Wang, Y.
    2023, August 10. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000161245Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  5. CEMIP ( HYBID , KIAA1199 ): structure, function and expression in health and disease
    Spataro, S.; Guerra, C.; Cavalli, A.; Sgrignani, J.; Sleeman, J.; Poulain, L.; Boland, A.; Scapozza, L.; Moll, S.; Prunotto, M.
    2023. The FEBS Journal, 290 (16), 3946–3962. doi:10.1111/febs.16600Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  6. Insights into the mechanisms of neuron generation and specification in the zebrafish ventral spinal cord
    Cucun, G.; Köhler, M.; Pfitsch, S.; Rastegar, S.
    2023. The FEBS Journal. doi:10.1111/febs.16913Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  7. Fat Grafts Show Higher Hypoxia, Angiogenesis, Adipocyte Proliferation, and Macrophage Infiltration than Flaps in a Pilot Mouse Study
    Thomas, B.; Warszawski, J.; Falkner, F.; Bleichert, S.; Haug, V.; Bigdeli, A. K.; Schulte, M.; Hoffmann, S. H. L.; Garvalov, B. K.; Schreiber, C.; Takamiya, M.; Sleeman, J. P.; Schmidt, V. J.; Kneser, U.; Pichler, B. J.; Dimmler, A.; Thiele, W.
    2023. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 152 (1), 96e – 109e. doi:10.1097/PRS.0000000000010146
  8. Identification of an imidazopyridine-based compound as an oral selective estrogen receptor degrader for breast cancer therapy
    Pan, M.; Solozobova, V.; Kuznik, N. C.; Jung, N.; Graessle, S.; Gourain, V.; Heneka, Y. M.; Cramer von Clausbruch, C. A.; Fuhr, O.; Munuganti, R. S. N.; Maddalo, D.; Blattner, C.; Neeb, A.; Sharp, A.; Cato, L.; Weiss, C.; Jeselsohn, R. M.; Orian-Rousseau, V.; Bräse, S.; Cato, A. C. B.
    2023. Cancer Research Communications, 3 (7). doi:10.1158/2767-9764.CRC-23-0111Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  9. The Precision Toxicology initiative
    Weiss, C.; Dickmeis, T.; Hayot, G.; Peravali, R.; Cramer von Clausbruch, C.; Pace, G.
    2023. Toxicology Letters, 383, 33–42. doi:10.1016/j.toxlet.2023.05.004
  10. Telomeres Fuse During Cardiomyocyte Maturation
    Aix, E.; Gallinat, A.; Yago-Díez, C.; Lucas, J.; Gómez, M. J.; Benguría, A.; Freitag, P.; Cortez-Toledo, E.; Fernández de Manuel, L.; García-Cuasimodo, L.; Sánchez-Iranzo, H.; Montoya, M. C.; Dopazo, A.; Sánchez-Cabo, F.; Mercader, N.; López, J. E.; Fleischmann, B. K.; Hesse, M.; Flores, I.
    2023. Circulation, 147 (21), 1634–1636. doi:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.122.062229
  11. Two-beam phase correlation spectroscopy: a label-free holographic method to quantify particle flow in biofluids
    Yu, L.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhuo, K.; Liu, M.; Nienhaus, G. U.; Gao, P.
    2023. Photonics Research, 11 (5), 757–764. doi:10.1364/PRJ.485575
  12. Therapy resistance and metastasis
    Sleeman, J. P.
    2023. Clinical & Experimental Metastasis, 40 (2), 123–124. doi:10.1007/s10585-023-10205-xFull textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  13. A DNA Segregation Module for Synthetic Cells
    Tran, M. P.; Chatterjee, R.; Dreher, Y.; Fichtler, J.; Jahnke, K.; Hilbert, L.; Zaburdaev, V.; Göpfrich, K.
    2023. Small, 19 (13), Art.-Nr.: 2202711. doi:10.1002/smll.202202711Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  14. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of cytotoxicity by automated fluorescence microscopy in human hepatocytes
    Weiss, C.; Hayot, G.; Lopez, R. M.; Scholz, S.; Colbourne, J.; Strähle, U.; Dickmeis, T.; Peravali, R.
    2023. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s Archives of Pharmacology, 396 (S1), S61–62 
  15. Phenotypic anchoring for OMICS-guided assessment of liver toxicity in zebrafish
    Dickmeis, T.; Hayot, G.; Clausbruch, C. C. von; Martinez Lopez, R.; Scholz, S.; Colbourne, J.; Strähle, U.; Weiss, C.; Peravali, R.
    2023. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s Archives of Pharmacology, 396 (S1), S61 
  16. Nickel oxide nanoparticles induce developmental neurotoxicity in zebrafish by triggering both apoptosis and ferroptosis
    Wang, Z.; Bi, Y.; Li, K.; Song, Z.; Pan, C.; Zhang, S.; Lan, X.; Foulkes, N. S.; Zhao, H.
    2023. Environmental Science: Nano, 10 (2), 640–655. doi:10.1039/d2en00757f
  17. Vergleich der pulmonalen Wirkmechanismen partikulärer und faserförmiger Metall-basierter Nanomaterialien in submersen Studien und über ein air-liquid interface. PhD dissertation
    Wall, J.
    2023, February 16. Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). doi:10.5445/IR/1000155919Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  18. Ferroptosis contributes to nickel-induced developmental neurotoxicity in zebrafish
    Wang, Z.; Li, K.; Xu, Y.; Song, Z.; Lan, X.; Pan, C.; Zhang, S.; Foulkes, N. S.; Zhao, H.
    2023. Science of The Total Environment, 858, Article no: 160078. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.160078
  19. Distribution of microglia/immune cells in the brain of adult zebrafish in homeostatic and regenerative conditions: Focus on oxidative stress during brain repair
    Narra, S. S.; Rondeau, P.; Fernezelian, D.; Gence, L.; Ghaddar, B.; Bourdon, E.; Lefebvre d’Hellencourt, C.; Rastegar, S.; Diotel, N.
    2023. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 531 (2), 238–255. doi:10.1002/cne.25421
  20. Comparing the Toxicological Responses of Pulmonary Air–Liquid Interface Models upon Exposure to Differentially Treated Carbon Fibers
    Friesen, A.; Fritsch-Decker, S.; Mülhopt, S.; Quarz, C.; Mahl, J.; Baumann, W.; Hauser, M.; Wexler, M.; Schlager, C.; Gutmann, B.; Krebs, T.; Goßmann, A.-K.; Weis, F.; Hufnagel, M.; Stapf, D.; Hartwig, A.; Weiss, C.
    2023. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24 (3), Art.-Nr.: 1927. doi:10.3390/ijms24031927Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  21. Fast-exchanging spirocyclic rhodamine probes for aptamer-based super-resolution RNA imaging
    Englert, D.; Burger, E.-M.; Grün, F.; Verma, M. S.; Lackner, J.; Lampe, M.; Bühler, B.; Schokolowski, J.; Nienhaus, G. U.; Jäschke, A.; Sunbul, M.
    2023. Nature Communications, 14 (1), Art.Nr.: 3879. doi:10.1038/s41467-023-39611-1Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  22. Increased Circulating Osteopontin Levels Promote Primary Tumour Growth, but Do Not Induce Metastasis in Melanoma
    Saup, R.; Nair, N.; Shen, J.; Schmaus, A.; Thiele, W.; Garvalov, B. K.; Sleeman, J. P.
    2023. Biomedicines, 11 (4), Art.-Nr.: 1038. doi:10.3390/biomedicines11041038Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  23. Detection of Cellular Senescence Reveals the Existence of Senescent Tumor Cells within Invasive Breast Carcinomas and Related Metastases
    Cotarelo, C. L.; Schad, A.; Schmidt, M.; Hönig, A.; Sleeman, J. P.; Thaler, S.
    2023. Cancers, 15 (6), Art.-Nr.: 1860. doi:10.3390/cancers15061860Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  24. A Yap-dependent mechanoregulatory program sustains cell migration for embryo axis assembly
    Sousa-Ortega, A.; Vázquez-Marín, J.; Sanabria-Reinoso, E.; Corbacho, J.; Polvillo, R.; Campoy-López, A.; Buono, L.; Loosli, F.; Almuedo-Castillo, M.; Martínez-Morales, J. R.
    2023. Nature Communications, 14, Art.-Nr.: 2804. doi:10.1038/s41467-023-38482-wFull textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  25. Mechanistic Understanding of Protein Corona Formation around Nanoparticles: Old Puzzles and New Insights
    Nienhaus, K.; Nienhaus, G. U.
    2023. Small. doi:10.1002/smll.202301663Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  26. Key Role of Choline Head Groups in Large Unilamellar Phospholipid Vesicles for the Interaction with and Rupture by Silica Nanoparticles
    Leibe, R.; Fritsch-Decker, S.; Gussmann, F.; Wagbo, A. M.; Wadhwani, P.; Diabaté, S.; Wenzel, W.; Ulrich, A. S.; Weiss, C.
    2023. Small, Artkl.Nr.: 2207593. doi:10.1002/smll.202207593Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  27. Acellular Human Placenta Small-Diameter Vessels as a Favorable Source of Super-Microsurgical Vascular Replacements: A Proof of Concept
    Falkner, F.; Mayer, S. A.; Thomas, B.; Zimmermann, S. O.; Walter, S.; Heimel, P.; Thiele, W.; Sleeman, J. P.; Bigdeli, A. K.; Kiss, H.; Podesser, B. K.; Kneser, U.; Bergmeister, H.; Schneider, K. H.
    2023. Bioengineering, 10 (3), Artkl.Nr.: 337. doi:10.3390/bioengineering10030337Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  28. N-Glycosylation of LRP6 by B3GnT2 Promotes Wnt/β-Catenin Signalling
    Xu, R.; Wang, X.; Safi, S.; Braunegger, N.; Hipgrave Ederveen, A.; Rottmann, M.; Wittbrodt, J.; Wuhrer, M.; Wesslowski, J.; Davidson, G.
    2023. Cells, 12 (6), Art.-Nr.: 863. doi:10.3390/cells12060863Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  29. Smuggling on the Nanoscale—Fusogenic Liposomes Enable Efficient RNA-Transfer with Negligible Immune Response In Vitro and In Vivo
    Hoffmann, M.; Gerlach, S.; Takamiya, M.; Tarazi, S.; Hersch, N.; Csiszár, A.; Springer, R.; Dreissen, G.; Scharr, H.; Rastegar, S.; Beil, T.; Strähle, U.; Merkel, R.; Hoffmann, B.
    2023. Pharmaceutics, 15 (4), Art.-Nr.: 1210. doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics15041210
  30. Establishment of cell lines from individual zebrafish embryos
    Geyer, N.; Kaminsky, S.; Confino, S.; Livne, Z. B.-M.; Gothilf, Y.; Foulkes, N. S.; Vallone, D.
    2023. Laboratory Animals, 002367722311571. doi:10.1177/00236772231157162
  31. CFC – Carbon Fibre Cycle Carbonfasern im Kreislauf – Freisetzungsverhalten und Toxizität bei thermischer und mechanischer Behandlung - Poster-Abstracts
    Baumann, W.; Bäger, D.; Deußen, O.; Diabaté, S.; Ellermann, N.; Emmerich, R.; Friesen, A.; Fritsch-Decker, S.; Gehrmann, H. J.; Gries, T.; Große, A.; Guth, J.; Hartwig, A.; Hauser, M.; Hofmann, M.; Hufnagel, M.; Kehren, D.; Krug, H. F.; Kühnel, D.; Leis, J.; Mahl, J.; Marquardt, C.; Mattern, A.; Merz, D.; Möller, N.; Nau, K.; Naumann, R.; Plitzko, S.; Schlögel, K.; Stapf, D.; Steinbach, C.; Weiss, C.; Wexler, M.
    2023 Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  32. Noise facilitates entrainment of a population of uncoupled limit cycle oscillators
    Kumpost, V.; Hilbert, L.; Mikut, R.
    2023. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 20 (198), Art.-Nr.: 20220781. doi:10.1098/rsif.2022.0781Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
  33. Zebrafish: A Model Deciphering the Impact of Flavonoids on Neurodegenerative Disorders
    Mhalhel, K.; Sicari, M.; Chen, J.; Levanti, M.; Diotel, N.; Pansera, L.; Rastegar, S.; Germanà, A.; Montalbano, G.
    2023. Cells, 12 (2). doi:10.3390/cells12020252Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document