Zebrafish Endocrinology and Metabolism



     Group Leader: Thomas Dickmeis

     tel.: +49 721 608 26564
     fax: +49 721 608 23354
     email: thomas.dickmeis∂kit.edu


Research interest

Work in our lab explores the zebrafish as a model organism to study the interplay between hormonal signaling and metabolism in development and disease. A main focus is placed on the temporal dynamics of metabolism and endocrine regulation. To this end, we develop biosensors to measure hormonal and metabolic signaling activity in the living animal. We also employ systems biology approaches (transcriptomics, metabolomics…) to understand the temporal dynamics of metabolism and their regulation by endocrine signals, both during development and across the day-night cycle. In chemical in vivo screens with zebrafish larvae, we apply tools and concepts derived from our studies with the aim of identifying novel lead compounds for drug development.